Speech Therapy Week is about speech and language therapists (SLTs) and the people we support. This year, let’s celebrate our resilience in these trying times.

In the ongoing pandemic, we have had to innovate quickly and continuously. The changing measures have impacted not only our clinical practices but our personal lives. Together as a community, we have faced these challenges and emerged stronger and more cohesive as a profession.

The speech therapy community in Singapore supports one another by sharing our personal and professional learning experiences. When international borders closed, we kept our doors open to clients who needed our support and students and colleagues who needed our encouragement. Our resilience shines through in the novel ways we developed to continue providing care, connecting and communicating with our clients and community.

How have you built or maintained resilience during this period? How do we continue to keep connecting and sharing within our profession?

Use the tag #sgspeechies to share what you are doing for Speech Therapy Week 2021!