by Social Communication SIG

After exploring the topic of Intervention across the Lifespan from May of 2017-May 2018, the Social Communication SIG committee once again gathered to brainstorm ideas for the SIG’s second year.  The committee wanted a topic relevant to all therapists regardless of where they work or the ages of their clients.  From this discussion, the current topic of Assessment of Social Communication Disorders was unanimously selected.  The goal was to create platforms that allow an opportunity for like-minded professionals to interact, have critical conversations and learn from one another.


The committee discussed how assessing Social Communication Disorders often present with more questions than answers.  The primary dilemma being that for many, standardized speech and language assessments alone do not necessarily provide therapists with the objective data required for establishing goals and/or targeting functional and effective interventions.  Leading to the question, how can we treat Social Communication Disorders if we aren’t sure what to assess? This driving question helped shape another challenging and exciting year of professional development.


August 16th, 2018 marked the beginning of the SIG’s second year with an overwhelming response of 78 people in total, from SALTS members to the public in attendance.  Clearly, this topic interests many!  The lecture style presentation by Chithra Kathiresan was thought-provoking and invited the audience to think deeply when assessing potential clients.  It challenged the audience to shift their thinking from “what the clients can’t do” to looking more at “what they are able to do”.  In the presentation, Chithra explored the need to draw on our knowledge of language and think abouthow it interconnects with Social Communication. She encouraged the audience to become better at describing what is observed.


Similar to last year, the committee has planned a series of events to engage professionals in deep discussions focused on assessing individuals with Social Communication challenges across the lifespan.  The line-up is as follows:


  • December 6th 2018: Resource and Reference; where participants will be encouraged to bring a favourite assessment tool. Exciting new learning awaits with this workshop.
  • February 21st 2019: Clinical Based Sharing 2
  • April 25th 2019:  Webinar / Video presentation focused on assessment.


Along with these workshops, the SIG also has a Facebook page Social Communication Singapore. This page was created to encourage sharing of ideas and to create dialogues between members.  It is a closed group, so all you need to do is click Join and the committee will add you.  Check us out on Facebook today!