by Abigail Teo

Have you ever wondered about what makes a community thrive?


When you think about it, you can probably understand the challenge in making the big Social Service Sector feel small. How do you make a diverse group of individuals feel like a circle of friends, and how can you connect speech therapists with other professionals together as a community?


Work has been becoming increasingly social in the recent years. A more interactive, human-centred approach inevitably makes our jobs easier, and hearts lighter. GatherHere @Workplace is created to be such an online portal for professionals in the Social Service Sector.


The vision of GatherHere has always been promoting a culture of sharing, fostering collaborative social networks and creating a marketplace for innovative ideas and approaches. Leveraging on the Workplace app by Facebook, it is a potential platform for social service practitioners to chat, share ideas, collaborate and obtain information.


Here are 3 reasons why I prefer the new GatherHere @Workplace, and why I believe you would too 😉

1. I can access it anywhere, anytime.

As much as we find it overwhelming from time to time, technology has made it easier for us to connect and access information today.


Catering to your current lifestyle and habits, the Workplace and Workchat apps are available on iOS and Android. Mobile phones are becoming increasingly prioritised over desktops, and the 700 current GatherHere members are likely to find it more accessible as well.


Having said that, desktop users do not have to worry, for the Windows desktop app is also another great alternative for convenient access.


 2. I am familiar with the user interface.

As a corporate spin off from Facebook, GatherHere @Workplace’s look-a-like features help to familiarise users with the relevant functions and tools.

To many, the format of GatherHere @Workplace is easy to navigate, almost like second nature. With personalised newsfeeds, subscriptions, a “trending” section and the option to promote posts, this is a space that you can call your own.


3. Work has become social, in a good way.

Lastly, the disruptive world of today yearns for a readiness to change. With the growth mindset, we can share what we know and give what we have.


As cliché as this sounds, collaborative thinking is the root of community-building and ultimately, trust. For us to trust, we need to understand and communicate with one another.


GatherHere @Workplace promises easy collaboration to facilitate this. With unlimited file storage, multi-company groups, live-streaming, polls, video/photo-upload, advanced search, events and calendar, we can connect and share ideas almost seamlessly.



Overall, the biggest change that the transition carries is the expansion of GatherHere’s target audience. The platform aims to reach out to content providers, influencers, community owners and COP leaders today.


It is truly a portal for the community, by the community.


The challenge here is to keep the faith and grow the community that we have. It takes time to gather like-minded individuals, and an even longer time for them to embed this portal into their working lifestyles.


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Abigail Teo, a content creator from the local social enterprise Make The Change Pte Ltd, writes for GatherHere, the online community platform where 15,000 sector professionals can come together to work, communicate, network and reach differently to do good for the Social Service/Non-profit Sector. Prior to her current portfolio, she majored in Public Policy and Global Affairs from NTU. Ever thankful for the opportunities given to her since her internship days, she continues to sharpen her skills in order to sieve out the gold for numerous clients in both the corporate and social service sector.