Other Voices

Other Voices

Communication difficulties can affect different people in different ways.

Speech Therapy helps open doors to better communication, allowing everyone to remain connected to the world.

Wen Rui has Williams Syndrome, a developmental condition that affects many parts of the body. People like Wen Rui typically have outgoing, engaging personalities and tend to take an extreme interest in other people. Wen Rui loves making friends and is excited to tell them all about his favourite things: planes and chicken rice! Though his speech is unclear, he tries his best to convey his thoughts and message. With the help of a speech therapist, Wen Rui’s speech is getting clearer by the day.

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Mr Sin was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer and underwent a total laryngectomy (surgery to completely remove his voice box). His voice was restored through the surgical insertion of a tracheoesophageal voice prosthesis (TEP). Mr Sin sees the speech therapist at the hospital once every few months for replacement of the TEP. Today, Mr Sin is back at work as a chef and also volunteers his time at the Singapore Cancer Society New Voice Club laryngectomee support group.

Speech Therapists work every day with people like Wen Rui and Mr Sin, to help them continue communicating well.

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