At NUS, there are three modules covering research skills for evidence-based practice in speech-language pathology (SLP 5104, SLP 5112 & SLP 5116). The research component of the MSc(SLP) degree represents about 20% of curriculum time and provides students with an opportunity to contribute to a clinical field of their own interest, and how to disseminate their findings in the format required for conferences and journals.


For the first three or four cohorts, most of the students chose to work on developing assessment tools in local languages and gathered very useful normative data. More recently, there has been a shift towards evaluating novel intervention procedures, especially with older adults, using case-series designs.  Some of the pre-existing batteries have also been refined and extended. Please refer to for abstracts.


The 32 students in the 6th cohort are now finalizing the designs for their applied projects, and preparing to submit their proposals to their supervisors and the relevant Institutional Review Boards for ethics approval.  Chosen topics include:


  • Relationship between hearing impairment and cognitive decline
  • Cognitive-communication assessment for Malay adults with acquired brain injury
  • Voice Therapy Program for teachers
  • Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training for adults with Parkinson’s Disease
  • Lee Silverman Voice Therapy for adults with Multiple System Atrophy
  • Language Intervention for bilinguals with Primary Progressive Aphasia
  • Oral Feeding Readiness Screener for patients on nasogastric tubes
  • Treatment of anomia using an iPad app
  • Preschoolers’ morphology and syntax development in English and Malay
  • Phonological awareness screener for preschoolers
  • Relationship between development of speech and literacy skills in preschoolers
  • Sentence repetition in English and Mandarin for children
  • Normative performance for PiSCES (Pictures with Social Context and Emotional Scenes) picture descriptions
  • Social and emotional intervention in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Functional communication profile for children in special schools
  • Speech, language, and psychosocial outcomes in children with cleft lip/palate


Preliminary results from these projects will be presented to staff and other professionals in poster format at the MSc(SLP) Research Seminar planned for evening of 12 July 2018.  Dinner is provided for everyone so please email Doris at if you would like to attend and find out more.