Editor’s note

by Danielle Chin

Hello… I’m the new editor of the January ‘19 issue. To be honest, taking over this tremendous responsibility, there were many times when I felt like a headless chicken – with no clue at all what am I supposed to do as an editor. And, what do I talk about in the Editor’s Note? Do people really ever read the Editor’s Note? Guiltily, I don’t.


Thankfully, the first issue of Tongue-in-Cheek 2019 is out! And, Happy New Year to all! I wish that 2019 will be a great year to all of us speechies in Singapore. Together with the support from you all, we will continue to thrive. We wish to reach out to each and every ST in our community and serve the ST community with our best. May 2019 really be the year we finally get to check off our “new year” resolution list.


First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of the authors and contributors in this issue. Without them, the January ’19 issue would not happen. Sourcing out contributors was not an easy job. My sparse social networking connection definitely did not help. Being fairly new in the profession, I only know a handful of STs & health professionals whom I met either through my workplace or at training courses. That’s why, no words can really explain how thankful I am to all of the authors. Working with them have been a great pleasure. Despite my multiple naggy email reminders for deadline submission, they were still very kind and nice to me throughout our email communication. The perks of being an editor? I guess being able to read the articles when they’re fresh from the oven. I actually enjoyed reading these articles.


To open this issue, we have our President’s message from Angeline Tan, a Senior SLT working in a hospital. Angeline shares with us her reflection and highlights of 2018 for SALTS. Then, we have 3 featured articles covering the topics of music, voice and SLT. Aaron Lim, the director and a vocal trainer of a music school, shares with us his personal experience and reflection of the Estill® Voice Training. What about music? Claire Bolton, a fellow SLT from Australia, tells us about her journey exploring the music therapy field and how she uses music to support her clients in communication rehabilitation. Our final featured article is a light and joyful read as we find out how our fellow SLTs in a hospital took on a Thickened Fluid Challenge and the 101 excuses some of them gave to get out of the challenge. Next up in the issue for research bites, we have Dr Valerie Lim, a well-known SLT in the area of stuttering, share on her current ongoing research about normal dysfluencies in our typically developing children of Singapore. The Social Service Institute (SSI) introduces its new online portal, GatherHere, which is like a corporate spin off from Facebook. They describe in their article how this portal will help professionals from the social service sector get together to share ideas and collaborate. On the topic of getting together, one of our SIGs (Special Interest Group), Social Communication SIG, updates us on their activity of the year and future events. Finally, we also had the opportunity to do a fun and light interview with Evelyn Khoo, a fellow SLT and to get to know a typical day of her work life.


As we get ready for the new year, please always keep your well-being in check. A burnt-out SLT is no fun. Until next time, happy reading!







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