Editor's Note

President's Message (2018)
by Angeline Tan

Dear SALTS members, Season’s greetings to you and your family!  I trust that you had an enjoyable time with your loved ones.  2018 has gone past quickly and we are now at our first issue of TIC for 2019! Danielle and the team have put in effort to make this…

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Resources & Apps

Have you ever wondered about what makes a community thrive?   When you think about it, you can probably understand the challenge in making the big Social Service Sector feel small. How do you make a diverse group of individuals feel like a circle of friends, and how can you…

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Research Bites

Introduction Stuttering is a motor speech disorder that comprises of behaviours such as repeated movements, fixed postures and superfluous behaviours. While stuttering is easily discernable when the disorder is relatively severe, the dysfluent behaviours may be less distinct and harder to diagnose when the disorder is mild, or when the…

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