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  • I am a former SALTS Member, do I still need to register for SALTS membership?

    All membership types (Practising, Student, Overseas and Associate) are valid for one/two year(s) upon date of registration. Membership expires one year, after your sign up date (e.g. 15 March 2019 Р15 March 2020).  SALTS will send five membership renewal notifications 3 months before your membership expiry date.

    If you were a SALTS member from 2018 onwards, you will have an online account with SALTS. In line with our PDPA policy, your online account will be deleted on 1st April if renewal is not done within 3 months of your membership expiry date. You will have to re-submit your membership application here. We highly encourage you to renew your membership as soon as you receive email reminders in order to enjoy uninterrupted member benefits.

    If you were a SALTS member before 2017 (prior to the introduction of online registration), you will need to register for a online account. Please go to this page to select your membership type, and proceed to register. You do not need to resubmit your AHPC certificates.

  • What is my SALTS Membership ID?

    Every SALTS member with Practising, Student, Overseas or Associate membership types will have a SALTS Membership ID. You may need to provide your SALTS Membership ID when you sign up for certain SALTS-hosted and external events.

    To find out what is your Membership ID, log in here, click on ‘My Account’ (top right hand corner of menu) > then click on ‘Dashboard’ on the left menu. You will be able to see your Membership ID.


  • I see a bug/typo in the website. What should I do?

    If you notice an error on the website, please notify admin@salts.org.sg. If it is a technical bug (e.g., something is not working or page is not loading), please explain the steps you took prior to encountering the bug, and provide a screenshot. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and will help to make our website more user-friendly for our members and for the public.