Becoming a Speech and Language Therapist

Thinking of practising as a speech and language therapist in Singapore? We cannot think of a more rewarding career! Here are some frequently asked questions to guide you on your journey.

How do I qualify to be a speech and language therapist in Singapore?

In Singapore, you must complete a degree-level course to be able to practice as a speech and language therapist.


Speech and language therapy degrees can be completed locally or internationally at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. Undergraduate courses typically take 4 years to complete, while postgraduate courses typically take 2 years to complete.


Upon successful registration with the Allied Health Professions Council, you will be allowed to practise as a speech and language therapist in Singapore.

Can I study to be a speech and language therapist in Singapore?

The National University of Singapore offers a Master of Science Program in Speech and Language Pathology. Information on the program can be found on their website.

There are currently no undergraduate speech and language therapy courses in Singapore.

Are there scholarships that support studies in speech and language therapy?

There are several sources of scholarships available for Singaporean students to study speech and language therapy locally or abroad. Most scholarships come with service bonds.

Scholarship providers include (but are not limited to):

National Council of Social Services (NCSS)

NCSS offers scholarships for pursuit of speech and language therapy study for those who have a keen interest to work in the community settings such as voluntary welfare organisations and special schools.

Ministry of Health Holdings (MOHH)

MOHH offers scholarship funding for aspiring allied health professions, including speech and language therapy.  

I am not sure if speech and language therapy is for me, can I observe a practising speech therapist?

Many speech and language therapy services in Singapore offer short observation opportunities. Let SALTS know your interests and we can match you with a suitable service here in Singapore!

I am a practising speech and language therapist looking to move to Singapore. Will I be able to practise here?

To practise as a speech and language therapist in Singapore, you will need to register with the Allied Health Professions Council. Please visit them for the most updated information on professional registration.

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