Advertise on SALTS

Please read the guidelines for advertising on SALTS website, SALTS FB page, and Tongue in Cheek (TIC) below:

Job Recruitment

  • 30 days: SGD 200
  • 60 days (5% discount): SGD 380
  • 90 days (10% discount): SGD 540
  • 120 days (15% discount): SGD 680


Courses / Events / Workshops / Conferences (Regular)

  • 30 days: SGD 150
  • 60 days (5% discount):SGD 280
  • 90 days (10% discount): SGD 400
  • 120 days (15% discount); SGD 500
  • Free if a minimum of 10% discount is offered to SALTS Members


Courses / Events / Workshops / Conferences (Call for Papers)

  • Free


Research Participant Recruitment (Regular)

  • 30 days: SGD 30
  • 60 days (5% discount): SGD 55
  • 90 days (10% discount): SGD 80
  • 120 days (15% discount): SGD 100
  • Free for recruitment requests by local and overseas SALTS Student Members


SLT-Related Commercial Services@/ Products / Resources (Corporate)

  • 30 days: SGD 300
  • 60 days (5% discount): SGD 570
  • 90 days (10% discount): SGD 810
  • 120 days (15% discount): SGD 1020

SLT-Related Commercial Services/Products/Resources (Corporate)

  • Full page – SGD 200

Job Recruitment (In Appointments Section of TIC)

  • Half page (Horizontal, 142mm x 178mm) – SGD 75
  • Full page – SGD 100

Research (Regular)

  • Half page – SGD 20
  • Full page – SGD 20

Research (SALTS Student Members)

  • Half page – Free
  • Full page – Free

Courses/Events/Workshops/Conferences (Regular)

  • Half page – SGD 50

Courses/Events/Workshops/Conferences (Call for Papers)

  • Half page – Free

SLT-Related Commercial Services/Products/Resources (Corporate)

  • Half page – SGD 100

TIC Advertising Deadlines

At least 1 month before the event or actual desired posting date.

  • If you are the employer and wish to advertise a job position on the SALTS website, please complete and submit this form to us.
  • All advertisements will only be posted when full payment is received.
  • Full payment is required within 6 weeks of placing the booking and at least 7 working days before the desired posting date.
  • Please take these into consideration when determining your deadlines within the adverts.
  • Payments not received within 6 weeks of bookings being placed will be deemed to have expired.
  • An invoice will be issued upon booking of an advertisement. Please see below for payment options.
  • Once payment is received, an official receipt will be issued.
  • No refunds will be allowed.
  • Employers advertising job vacancies are encouraged to specify eligibility for membership of Speech and Language Therapy Singapore as a requirement.
  • The Association discourages abbreviation of its name. However, the abbreviation ‘SALTS’ can be used after the first use of ‘Speech and Language Therapy Singapore’ in full.

Guidelines to Adverts

1. Research

  • Title of research project
  • Name of researcher with information on university
  • Research information, including summary abstract
  • Request information
  • Contact details, including researcher’s email and web links if available

2. Course/Events/Workshops

  • Title of course/event/workshop
  • Date, time, location
  • Presenter(s) (short bio possible with a full page advert)
  • Organiser
  • Deadlines for registration and prices
  • Course/event/workshop information
  • Contact details, including web links if available

3. Commercial services, including SLT related products/resources

  • Name of product
  • Manufacturer/creator
  • Product function
  • Identification of target population
  • Price
  • How to obtain product
  • Contact details, including web links if available

Our preferred payment option is Internet Bank Transfer. Alternatively, you may choose to pay via cheque, money order, postal order or cashier’s order.

Methods of payment:

1. Internet Bank Transfer

        Account Name: Speech And Language Therapy Singapore (SALTS)

       Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited

       Bank Code: 7144

       Branch Code: 001

       Account Number: 01-0-749586-4

        Bank Swift Code: SCBLSG22

       Address: 6 Battery Road Singapore 049909


After payment, please e-mail the following information to the Treasurer at for verification:
  • I-Banking Nickname
  • Date of transaction
    Amount paid
  • Payment purpose – Advertisement booking (Invoice no.)
  • Transaction reference no.

2. Cheque

All cheques are to be made payable to ‘Speech And Language Therapy Singapore (SALTS)’

3. Money Order, Postal Order or Cashier’s Order

A money order or postal order can be purchased at your local post office. A cashier’s order can be purchased at the bank. All orders are to be made payable to ‘Speech And Language Therapy Singapore (SALTS)‘. Please mail your cheque, money order, postal order or cashier’s order to:

        Attn: Treasurer

       Speech And Language Therapy Singapore (SALTS)

       300 Tampines Avenue 5

       Level 09-02

       Singapore 529653

If you have any questions related to payment matters, please email the Treasurer at

  1. SALTS will not be held responsible for any expenses (including legal fees) and losses resulting from the publication of any advertisements, including, without limitation, claims or suits for libel, violation of privacy, copyright infringement, or plagiarism.
  2. SALTS shall not be liable for any failure to publish any advertisement accepted by SALTS. However, SALTS shall use its reasonable efforts to place paid advertisements in subsequent available space and honor all agreements entered into and agreed upon.
  3. In the event of nonpayment, SALTS reserves the right to hold the advertiser and/or its advertising agency jointly and severally liable for such monies as are due and payable to SALTS.
  4. SALTS will not be bound by any condition, printed or otherwise, appearing on advertisers’ websites or content.
  5. SALTS is not responsible for incidental or consequential technical errors in displaying an advertisement.
  6. SALTS may change the terms set forth herein at any time.
  7. If the advertisement has dates/deadlines within, it is the advertiser’s responsibility to alert the SALTS Publications Officer to this fact in order to ensure the issue will be 
delivered within the advertiser’s desired timeframe.
  8. Non-endorsement policy:
    • The views expressed in the TIC are not necessarily the views of SALTS. Publication does not imply endorsement
    • Publication of advertisements in the TIC is not an endorsement of the advertiser or of the products and services.

Want to find out more?

Feel free to contact our SALTS Treasurer Office at!