Our Team

Yee Kaisin, President

Kaisin leads the team at SALTS on a mission to support the growing field of speech and language therapy in Singapore. For the rest of the week, Kaisin works with people with head and neck cancer, and gets too excited about outcome measures. When she is not making grand plans, you can find her running after (or from) wild animals in the wilderness.


Grace Koh, Vice President of Strategy

In the day, you can find Grace face-to-face with young ones and their parents, fiddling with toys, and modelling appropriate language use. Off work, she moonlights as a bathroom karaoke singer on weekend nights.

Maria Tan, Vice President of Operations

How do you solve a problem like Maria? By plying her with free food, cute animals and bad jokes, of course! Maria works predominantly with children in the community, and enjoys collaborating with families and other team members. She hopes to extend this through SALTS by facilitatating connections between therapists and the wider community.

Charmaine Ong, Secretary

Charmaine keeps the committee in line with our Association’s guidelines and protocols and makes sure we keep to our administrative duties! She stumbled upon a career in speech and language therapy after a stint in special education, and now works with adults with communication and swallowing difficulties. Outside of work, Charmaine enjoys dancing, cooking and spending time with her pet dog, Tyler.

Dave Lai, Honorary Treasurer

Better known as @TheRoamingSpeechie, Dave has found his calling in making the world a better place through speech and language therapy, wildlife, and nature. Besides hiding in national parks trekking or shooting animals (with a camera!), he also hangs out in his man cave therapy room supporting children with hearing loss, voice disorders or repaired cleft palates. By joining SALTS, Dave pledges to bring his energy and passion to the table to shape the local speech and language therapy scene.

Peggy Ching

Peggy joined SALTS committee enthusiastically to be a part of a group that fosters relationships within the Speech Therapy community in Singapore. She believes in always giving her best and exploring new things. On most days, you’d find her serving the adult population in the East. On weekends, family and friends are welcomed on her culinary experiment journey!

Chan Yi Ren

Yi Ren graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Masters in Speech Pathology. She joined the SALTS committee as she wanted to play a part in giving back to the community. Her wish for SALTS is to build a strong community of professionals who come together from all walks of life to share about their knowledge, ideas, and resources.

During her spare time, Yi Ren loves traveling, exploring good food (café hopping to search for the best coffee and brunch!), reading, and making therapy materials.

Cheryl Wongsodirdjo

Cheryl is a part of the general committee in SALTS. In the day, she works with children with hearing loss. Outside of work, she enjoys Art and spending time with her dog, Tofu.

Elizabeth Teo

Elizabeth graduated from California State University East Bay with Master in Science in Speech-Language Pathology. She joined the SALTS committee to share experiences gained abroad and to contribute to the local Speech Therapy community. In the day, Elizabeth works with stroke survivors at a community-based setting. Outside of work, Elizabeth enjoys hiking, exploring new places and spending time with family and friends.

Samuel Chi

Samuel is part of the general committee in SALTs. Passionate about serving the geriatric community in Singapore, he is currently helping out at an acute hospital. Outside of work, he loves taking long walks with his doggo, hanging out at the gym with his buddies and exploring new places to eat. He hopes that through SALTs he can get more connected with the speechie community outside of work, and advocate for the profession a little more.

Chloe Ang

Chloe works with adults in the acute and rehabilitation settings. She loves finding ways to make goals functional and therapy enjoyable for her clients. She is excited to have another opportunity to work on social media strategy for SALTS, as well as to help out with the website. She also loves books, music, food and dogs.

Tanushree Chandhok

Tanushree is a speech therapist working within the community setting in Singapore. As a General Committee Member, she is excited to be a part of SALTS’ journey in sharing, learning, and networking amongst professionals in Singapore. She is passionate about working with individuals using AAC and their families and spends her work week doing just that! Three things that keep Tanu ticking are a good book, family time and a hot cuppa coffee!

Noreen, Administrative Executive

Nooreen, a postgraduate in finance, spends some of her time providing administrative support to SALTS. When she is not rushing to meet her deadlines, Nooreen enjoys three C’s: Cat, Coffee and Cooking. Her enthusiasm for travelling and meeting people from different fields came from her multi-city background; being raised in London, India and Singapore. She hopes to optimise her opportunities to the best of her abilities.

Chua Sze Min, Administrative Executive

Sze Min describes herself as “shy, awkward but funny”. She makes jokes in all situations (even inappropriate ones!). When she’s not working as an admin for SALTS (or working on assignments for her bachelor’s in media and communications) she spends her time reading, looking for food, playing video games or travelling the island taking pictures of scenery with her smartphone.

Neo Yuerong, Administrative Executive

Yuerong is part of the administrative team at SALTS that works on administrative enquiries and other matters. Although unlike the rest of the team, Yuerong is not a Speechie, however she shares the same value in helping others. She believes in always improving, having compassion and putting herself in others’ shoes. As a cat lady, she loves spending her time feeding the strays and spending quality time with her family.