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Posted @withregram • @isaacsingapore Hello AAC Family! Please join us for AAC Also Can: AAC Awareness Month! Happening on 10 October, 2.30pm to 4pm via zoom!

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We look forward to seeing you there!

Posted @withregram • @biglittlefeelings Today's post is a tough one. It's something not everyone talks about, yet, we get asked this question a lot. "How do I talk to my child about death?"

First of all, let's talk about YOU. When someone dies, whether you knew it was coming or it was a total shock, it's hard. It comes with waves of emotions: Anger, sadness, regret, disbelief, and moments of acceptance - only to cycle through them again and again.

It's ok. That cycle? It's healthy. The more you feel it, the more you move through it. Take good care of yourself, let yourself feel, let yourself grieve.

And your toddler/preschooler? How do you explain this?! Do you say nothing? Give them all the details? As a child therapist, I've worked with death/grief a lot with young children. Here's my best recommendations on how to speak to your child and support them through this super tough time:

"Grandpa died yesterday."
We're going to start by being totally honest. Kids are perceptive, they can feel the vibe around them whether you say it or not. So let them know there's something different happening.

"His heart was sick, and his body stopped working."
Keep this part high level. No need to get into details.

"His sickness can't spread to anyone else, we are safe."
Since we just mentioned bodies stopping, and your toddler (and everyone around him) lives in a body, help them feel safe.

"We won't see him again, and it's ok if you feel sad or any other feelings."
This is the hardest, yet maybe the MOST important step. It can be really tempting to say things like, "You're fine! Mommy's fine! Everything is ok! Don't be sad." Instead, let them know you won't see that person again and then welcome ANY feelings. Releasing and expressing is super healthy. and be sure to let your child know he/she can come to you anytime and ask any questions he/she may have.

💛For more help with tough topics and all things toddler, our course is here to help. "Winning the Toddler Stage" is a course for parents of toddlers and preschoolers ages 1-6 (Link in bio). From the heart of a mama, with the research of a child therapist.💛

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