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Symbol-based AAC: Skills & Strategies with Deborah Yong.

Thank you for a wonderful session!

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Regulation is not about feeling better, but about getting better at feeling. Here's an example of how we might process negative emotions in ourselves. Have you tried it before?

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Join our first movie screening for 2022! We’re organizing and hosting a documentary titled “This is Not About Me”on 22 January 2022 (3.30 - 5 pm)

The documentary highlights Jordyn’s journey (an individual who is non verbal and has Autism) of finding her voice with AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) and advocating for herself and other students in the US school system.

In association with ISAAC Singapore, the movie screening will conclude with a LIVE sharing by caregivers and persons using AAC in Singapore!

Register for FREE ! Registration link in bio!

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New year new me? Join us at SpeechieBites, a brand new mentorship platform to connect practicing Speechies to students! We are looking for existing SLP students and SLPs to come onboard, all done via Facebook group! Look forward to exciting events hosted for students and mentors, share resources and insights today!!! Brought to you by SALTs student engagement team. ...

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Happy New Year! Thank you for your support through the past year.
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SLPs play an important role in the care of patients with head and neck burns, but we are often underutilized!
-What can an SLP do for this population?
1. Implement ROM exercises that are individualized in terms of frequency and intensity
2. Create a stretching program that is gentle, slow, and sustained
3. Scar tissue massage: this can help keep scar tissue moveable and increase circulation
-This presentation was one of my favorites at the ASHA convention! It was just another reminder for me that our field is so broad and there are so many different populations we can help.
-Vail, C. & Webler, K. (2021 November 19.) Head and neck burns; Review of research and clinical management [1-hour seminar]. ASHA Convention 2021, Washington D.C.

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